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World Peace Sign Brand  owns the copyright and trademark on the official "World Peace Sign". Promoting the World Peace Sign to save our planet is what we are dedicated to. 

We are actively positioning the World Peace Sign & Captain World Peace across the globe in an effort to save our planet, it's inhabitants and all that is sacred to us as human beings living & past. In addition World Peace Sign Brand would like to establish an international day of awareness, consciousness and recognition on the 30th day of April. This will be known as "World Peace Sign Day".

World Peace Sign Day 430®
 "is an opportunity for people on 4/30 (April 30th) worldwide to unite in the fight against Hate, Hate Crimes, Bullying, Inner City Violence, Violence against the earth and Violence worldwide." Do something to mark World Peace Sign Day, promote the official World Peace Sign in an effort to make a difference to save our world. 
The main event that will be held on this day around the world at 4:30 PM will be the releasing of the WORLD PEACE SIGN DAY balloons.
The Balloon Release is another way expressing Freedom, spreading the peace by releasing the balloons into the atmosphere to release frustration, bondage, feelings of depression, and spread the seeds of peace worldwide.
With the event called “Releasing of the Balloons” we have done research about the pros and cons on Natural Rubber (NR) latex balloons vs Plastic in the environment. There are more facts that support NR than don't because they are considered biodegradable where as plastics in the environment were not. The other fact about when the balloons pop and fall back to earth is that there are far more plastic water bottles in the environment with harmful chemicals than there are NR balloons. We aren’t in to bashing we are in to peace and peaceful solutions. So what we have devised is an initiative that will help the environment as well as being a conscious exercise. If those of you (World Peace Signiacs) will get together with your friends and in whatever city you are in and gather up the World Peace Sign Day balloons, take a picture of your findings, send it to us at (that we’ll post on our social media), we will send you a free World Peace Sign surprise item. Thanks y'all!!!

Shop and support World Peace Sign Day at:

World Peace Sign (GREEN) t-shirt that represents Environmental Awareness.

World Peace Sign Foundation

“COLORS 4 THE CAUSE”: & THE COLORS of awareness they represent
BLACK - Anti Bullying & inner city violence
WHITE - Children affected by War
GREY   -  Homeless
RED      -  Aids Awareness
PINK    - Brest Cancer
BLUE   - Police Brutality
GREEN - Environmental Awareness
YELLOW - Education
ORANGE - Justice System Reform
PURPLE   - Cannabis & Hemp Research
LIGHT BLUE - Oceanic Research & Preservation
BROWN - Wildlife Preservation

World Peace Sign (RED) Sweatshirt that represents Aids Awareness.

World Peace Sign (YELLOW) t-shirt that represents Education Awareness.

Despite claims that have been made, World Peace Sign Brand does not condone, approve or sanction the 24th of May as World Peace Sign Day. We do not celebrate that day as World Peace Sign Day. The official day for celebrating the courageous souls living and past who have come to spread the peace WORLDWIDE is APRIL 30TH.


Don't be misled. The 24th of May has no significance other than it being the day that we filed for our 1st trademark. World Peace Sign Brand is committed to the preservation & saving of our planet, people and wildlife with conscious initiatives, engaging supporters (the World Peace Signiacs) and visually stimulating merchandise.


World Peace Sign Entertainment,
is the creative division of World Peace Sign Brand charged with strategically integrating its content across all entertainment media. WPS Entertainment works with various entertainment divisions to unleash stories and characters across all media, including but not limited to film, television, consumer products, home entertainment and interactive games. In 2013, WPS Entertainment introduced a new superhero; the Peace Crusader and Defender of the Digital World named "Captain World Peace".

PEACE JOOSE - Is an all natural relaxation drink (the opposite of an energy drink) created and used by Captain World Peace for mental clarity, focus, stress relief and rejuvenation. 
PEACE JOOSE TEES are now available.



Patrick (Leo J) Johnson

From humble beginnings, growing up in Dallas with younger twin sisters in the 80’s, life was fun. Early on Patrick, learned love, commitment and the value of a dollar (or be it the value of the dollar menu). A product of loving parents, whose humanitarianism would be shaped by the two people he loved the most; his mother & grandmother, which were the strongest figures & role models in his life.

Armed with a high IQ, a passion for health & fitness and an eagerness to invent from scratch, this self taught young man dropped out of college (I.e. Mark Zuckerberg) ,got into a little trouble and left a possible NBA career behind to pursue a career as an electronics tech until the tech bubble busted in the early part of the millennium, then on to driving across the country as a truck driver. (Whew) 

Still searching for his calling and a career that wouldn’t disappoint or scrutinize him because of one bad choice he made as a kid which was ultimately supposed to be expunged from his record. Patrick discovered the idea of owning his own business but what was his destiny. Trying all sorts of things, learning from trail and error he remembered that he asked a young man (an artist that had been to prison) to draw a picture of his hand that would later become the rough draft for the successor of the Peace Sign itself.

Upon being knocked down and pushed backwards for having an “X” on his back, he decided that peace and non violence was the blueprint for which he should base his business on (I.e. Dr.MLK Jr). In lieu of finding his calling he found himself back in the slammer again this time for something he didn’t do but would ultimately lead him to discover and coin a new phrase called “Conviction Bullying” which is simply bullying a person with a conviction rather than really understanding whether or not a person is guilty or if a person is guilty simply because they had a previous conviction. 

Well a wrongful conviction was placed upon Patrick and a plea was offered that should have been thrown out for coercion and lack of evidence against him which resulted in a 2 year stint in the Texas penal system because of “Conviction Bullying”. Well Debt Paid!  Humiliated but humbled, he didn’t let that stop him even with all of the resistance and a legal system that was against him initially, that works ironically (for a few select that have money for an attorney) but needs some serious adjusting, he managed to become a humanitarian, an activist and produce a positive career, his own business and trademark one of the most recognizable symbols in the modern world for all mankind. This global symbol is now sought after, respected and known as the all new, official World Peace Sign. Thank God for second chances! Now Patrick vows to become a voice and champion a movement for those who are trying to overcome the ills of Conviction Bullying and truly make a contributing successful life because “All
 Lives Matter”. 




World Peace Sign Brand is launching a consumer brand called "PRAY" or "PRAY 4 WORLD PEACE. This Pray Brand will deliver a powerful message of the importance of having, strengthening and maintaining prayer.  

BTW, World Day of Prayer is March 7th 
So be sure to get your gear. Thanks.
Leo J
Founder / CEO
World Peace Sign / Pray Brand


World Peace Sign was on the ground on foot patrol protesting peacefully in Ferguson Mo since 8/2014. For all the up close and personal footage search "World Peace Sign in Ferguson Mo" on youtube.



WORLD PEACE SIGN supporter.                                    WORLD PEACE SIGN supporter.
Leo J Founder / Creator of the World Peace Sign     Leo J & Benjamin Crump in Ferguson Mo.


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